Summer Camps at Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center!


  • June 3-7:        5 Day Intensive Camp
  • June 8-10:      Father/Son/Daughter Wrestling Camp
  • July 6-9:        Takedown Wrestling Camp                                                              
  • July 13-16:      Top/Bottom Wrestling Camp
  • July 20-23:     “CHAMP” Camp   — * Now 4 Days*
  • August 4-7:     Youth Intensive Camp* Please Note: All camps have limited spots available.


  • Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center
    10896 Nixon Street
    Indianola, IA 50125
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  • This is our 13th year of running summer camps and our 2nd at the Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center in Indianola, IA.  The camp has come a long way from when it first started in 2006 with 15 wrestlers.  The second year (2007) we had over 70 wrestlers attend resulting in three full camps.  A Father/Son, 5 Day Intensive Camp and 4th Technique Camp were added in 2008 to support the growing numbers and interest.  In 2009, I added a Youth Intensive Camp for youth wrestlers wanting to move to the next level and it had been a huge success.  The youth intensive camp has carried a waiting list every single year since it started!  In 2011, I adjusted our camps and turned the technique camp into a Takedown camp and also added a Top/Bottom camp.  In 2017 a CHAMP Camp was added! We have had wrestlers from 17 states attend: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


  • 5 Day Intensive Camp (7th – 12th grade)                                                                                  
  • Father/Son Camp (we have had pre K – 6th grade)
  • Takedown & Top/Bottom Camp (2nd – 12th grade)
  • CHAMP Camp – (5th – 12th grade)  *Under 5th grade needs approval*
  • Youth Intensive Camp (3rd – 8th grade)  *Under 3rd grade needs approval*


  • $495 for 5 day Intensive Camp
  • $495 for Father/Son/Daughter Wrestling Camp ($225 each additional sibling)
  • $395 for Takedown Camp
  • $395 for Top/Bottom Camp
  • $395 for CHAMP Camp
  • $395 for Youth Intensive Camp


  • Low numbers allowed in (more attention), high level technique taught (not just random moves), constantly drilled over techniques taught so you learn it, tough training partners, fun activities, air conditioned dorms, and all camps held at the beautiful Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center!


  • You son will get quality training partners. We have numerous state qualifiers, state place winners, state champions, All Americans, and National Champions attend each camp!


  • Mail flyer and $250 deposit by May 1st (5 Day Intensive & Father/Son/Daughter Camp) *Remaining balance due by June 1st *
  • Mail flyer and $200 deposit by June 1 st (Takedown, Top/Bottom, CHAMP & Youth Intensive) *Remaining balance due by July 1 st *
  • *Deposit is non-refundable – Only Camp Credit!*   (if not placed in camp deposit will be refunded!).
  • Download Camp Flyer & Registration Form
  • Register Online


  • Takedown Training CampThis camp focuses on takedowns, short offense/defense, bad positions, scrambling and other things.  Athletes will go through three very structured practices per day (including drilling, hard drilling and LIVE!) and get a feel for each move taught.  Your son will get hands on attention and learn the moves taught.
  • Father/Son/Daughter : Fathers will get to wrestle along with their sons/daughters and learn this great sport. Any activity your son/daughter does you will do!!
  • 5 Day Intensive : This camp is like no other intensive camp out there. Most intensive camps beat you up but don’t TEACH you how to actually train for the sport of wrestling. When you leave this camp you will have an understanding of HOW to train to be the BEST! There are 4 workouts a day: morning run/exercises, technique, hard drilling and live. You will also go through “ Wacky Wednesday !” Will you survive?
  • Top/Bottom Training Camp : This camp will focus on learning how to turn/pin people and being able to escape from anyone. There will be three very structured practices a day including drilling, hard drilling and LIVE! When you leave camp you will be able to turn and escape from anyone!
  • CHAMP Camp:  Wrestlers will be taught a proven system that will help them reach their goal of being a CHAMP (state champ, national champ, etc).  Wrestlers will hit tons of reps at this camp and also put into live situations from the moves they learned!  We will also correct mistakes that we see in live wrestling!  This will be a fast pace camp so experience is very important! I guarantee when your child leaves this camp he will have improved a TON!
  • Youth Intensive Camp: This camp is designed for the youth wrestler who wants to move to the next level. There will be four workouts a day: a morning run/exercise, technique, hard drilling and live! The youth camp will also go through “ Wacky Wednesday !” Will you survive?


  • We do a variety of activities at camp:  swimming in a pond, fishing, wiffle ball, bowling, movies, rock wall, archery, canoeing, etc


  • We practice and sleep in the gymnasium which is air conditioned!